Rapid Touch Instant Hair Color shampoo

Now no need to wait for hours to color your hairs just use Rapid Touch for 5minutes while in shower and get shiny black hairs.
It's rapid action formula works much more faster than any cream or powder hair colors.

An 100 % ammonia free vegan formula with 6 precious herbal ingredients to make you look & feel better.

Professional Results

With 100% grey coverage you get salon quality within your comfort zone.

It's really easy and convenient to use results are almost immediate. It takes about 5 minutes to color your hairs & can be used by both men and women.. For better results, you can massage few minutes longer on to the roots of the hairs.

Compared to the traditional hair color cream & powder dyes it is of low cost, time-saving & multiple use.

Reasons to choose

over other hair color products.

  • Rapid Touch technology to quickly color within 5 minutes.
  • Ten times more effective than any other shampoos, cream or powder hair dyes.
  • Nourishes Hairs to Supplies nutrients to the hair root, May prevent hair loss with hair conditioning benefits to restores the health of your hairs.
  • It's a best formulation of rapid hair color & conditioner combined in one product.
  • Affordable price for a multiple use product one box last of 10 sachets last upto a year for single person.*

Safe & Beneficial

Without more harmful chemicals (lab tested)

Easy to use shampoo based coloring, long lasting and does not fade easily.That contains world’s best 6 herbal extracts & enriched with effective vital supplements such as Aloe Vera, Morinda Citrifolia, Panax Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidium, Black Olives, Ginger, Rosemary, Biotin, Vitamin E which helps to soften, nourish & shine.

Free from toxic metals

Natural looking Silky and shiny hairs

Supply nutrients to the hairs with pleasant aromatic smell, No toxic heavy metals 100 % AMMONIA FREE for Minimized skin irritation.

Regular usage of this product is helpful to prevent hair fall and dandruff. Rapid Touch adsorbs effectively to nourish, protect hairs from losing and last up to 6 weeks..

For both men and women

Unisex product which works great.

Rapid Touch Instant Hair Color shampoo is a unique product which not makes your hairs look like colored they look completely natural.
Rapid Touch does not leave color on the skin or scalp..

It is carefully formulated to make your hair black and shiny just by regular process of hairs wash.

Usage Instructions

Comparison with other hair colors

  • Wash your hairs & wear on pair of gloves supplied with the product before use.
  • Tear open the sachet & squeeze contents and mix evenly with hands in a non-metallic bowl.
  • Wet your hairs & apply Rapid Touch instant hair color shampoo to your hairs on scalp.
  • Massage your scalp and hairs properly to form full lather for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes rinse thoroughly with clean water, pat dry & set your shiny black hairs as usual.
Time Required At Least 40 Minutes Just takes 5 Minutes
Toxic Metals A lot Free From Toxic Metals
Skin irritation Severe Skin Irritation Minimized Irritation
Natural Looks Patchy or Painted Looking Hairs Shiny Natural looking Black Hairs
Odor Stinky Odor Fresh Aromatic Smell
Base Material Chemicals 6 Precious Herbal Extracts
Balanced Vegan Formula No Yes

Love our hair color shampoo ?

Then just reach out to your local retail store or supermarket inquire about our products to try it yourself and feel the difference or simply buy online from one of the online stores.